Office Life


The GliddenSpina success story is built not only on skill and experience but on our exceptional firm culture. From the instant you walk through our doors, you can see and feel how our office space is a direct reflection of the exceptional way we do business. It is the reason we have retained the best for decades and continue to attract the brightest, most talented and motivated professionals in the industry. Named one of South Florida Business Journal’s “Coolest Offices” in 2014, GliddenSpina features lively, open working and entertaining spaces, seamless glass wall offices; dramatic light fixtures, bright colorful artwork and a feeling of flexibility and creative energy.


More than just a great office space, GliddenSpina is a great place to work and play! Every day the firm provides a fresh salad bar served from our modern kitchen providing our team an opportunity to relax, re-energize and enjoy a healthy, nutritious lunch. However, for those who prefer to head the few blocks downtown for a bite or catch a quick local meeting, our custom eight seater golf cart is available, charged and ready to go. If you need to burn off lunch or just want to protect our environmental footprint, grab one of the six GliddenSpina bright blue beach cruisers and avoid traffic and parking hassles downtown or on Palm Beach.


Many afternoons, our offices are where you can find after hours painting classes, community fund raisers, visiting artists and more. At the end of a long day, you’re sure to find a few of us upstairs in the billiard room engaged in a challenging game of pool while taking in the panoramic views of the intracoastal waterway. By focusing explicitly on our people and promoting a total employee experience, the payoff has been big for our team, our clients, our business and our community.